Making intimate fashion: how to sell more and optimize production?

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Those who work in the manufacture of underwear know the importance of meeting quality requirements.

In addition to being pieces of desire for the final consumer, underwear meets a need and, therefore, must offer comfort, durability and maximum performance.Even though the segment is broad and involves the production of several types of pieces, such as lingerie, bras, tops and panties, there are several ways to strengthen the progress of the business .

In this post, we have put together five tips that will boost sales and optimize the day-to-day of making underwear. Check out!

1. Identify the target audience
Campaigns, promotions and all actions carried out in the company must have a target audience as a focus. This ensures better targeted and more efficient communication, saving effort and resources.

To define the target audience, it is necessary to conduct research on several aspects that influence the characteristics of the ideal consumer profile of your business. More than focusing on data such as age, location and marital status, it is important to understand how they live, what they do, what they buy, among other relevant information.

Small companies and the final consumer are the two main audiences for underwear fashion companies.nishat

Garments that identify very wide audiences can segment them, creating sobia nazirsubgroups to direct actions in a more personalized way – a fundamental connection for a good relationship between the client and the company.

2. Do market research
Market research provides a broad view of the areas in which the company operates. They generate relevant information that guide the definition of strategies, actions and decision-making processes.

This collection of information is done according to the business need, that is, the knowledge that the company wants to obtain, whether about consumers, suppliers or competitors.

Market research is carried out by applying a questionnaire of general and specific questions to a previously defined audience. It can be done in the traditional way, in person or by phone, or through a digital platform, such as e-mail, links, forms, among others.

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3. Keep the team up to date
The fashion sector is constantly changing, requiring that those working in the manufacturing processes are up to date both in trends and in other market demands, which directly impact the success of the business.

underwear fashion
Following the international fashion shows and collections in the underwear segment is a way to update and offer news to consumers.
For this reason, offering resources to keep employees up to date is essential for companies that want to encourage team engagement. Conducting courses and lectures, participating in events in the textile sector , disseminating relevant research on the niche and recommending portals, blogs, books and films in the area are the most common ways to keep employees well informed.

Tips on where to get inspiration for fashion collections

4. Create products that carry value
Intimate fashion has its own trends, which can be applied during the elaboration of the pieces. But, in addition, other relevant aspects, such as durability, comfort and performance must be taken into account.

The quality of the fabric directly influences the result of the garments, therefore, give nishatlinen preference to bases that supply diverse needs – and generate value for the customer -, such as technological fabrics from Digitale Têxtil .

women’s fashion inspirations from the 70s

Made with supermicrofiber , a technology composed of extremely thin filaments developed by the brand, Digitale Têxtil’s fabrics guarantee fast drying, elasticity, high breathability, comfort, resistance, durability and skin hydration (by means of aloe vera microcapsules).

5. Adhere to technical standards
There is a growing search for certifications that prove that companies follow technical standards, such as certification, the Brazilian Textile Retail Association.

According to the survey on the clothing industry , carried out by Sebrae in 2016, 45% of respondents said they had only partial knowledge about mandatory technical standards, followed by 32%, who have a low knowledge.

Failure to comply with regulatory standards issued by official bodies, ABNT or another entity accredited by Conmetro may cause several problems for the manufacture of underwear, since the products will be considered unsuitable for use.

Access here the Guide for the Implementation of Standards for the Making of Lingerie, prepared by Sebrae and ABNT in 2012.

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