This infrastructure is offered by Amazon

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This infrastructure is offered by Amazon which has taken a surprising and fruitful turn in its Internet business. AWS Mobile has been a logical step away from their large-scale storage services, only this time they have done it in the cloud.

The tools that AWS offers to developers include tools for testing and tools for measuring user actions. There is a great possibility of creating scalable businesses since there are plans that are paid according to what is used, with the possibility of using a wide range of very powerful tools such as S3, SQS, DynamoDB, among others. The service offers a broad development platform with various SDKs, with automatic data backups, creating a secure and powerful development environment.

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In this ideal environment, the developer can create his applications with the help of a special console that helps in the creation process, the tests, all making use of many real devices, being able to measure the use of the developed applications.

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Google Cloud Platform

hosting for mobile applicationsThe solution offered by Google is the so-called ” Google Cloud Platform ” that is part of what we call an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) that takes cloud computing to the next level.

Google has created its own version of Linux, which they have called “Google Linux”. The Google cloud hosting platform works under this version. The service offers analysis tools, machine learning, management, and network tools. But the environment is more related to APIs. Often times these APIs are embedded in mobile applications but the server is hosted elsewhere. Currently the solution can be hosted on Google Cloud Platform and have access to the same infrastructure that Google drives.

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With the use of the Google application engine, you can develop powerful and scalable mobile applications. In case you have already implemented your content storage and distribution system elsewhere, it would be a good idea to take into account what they offer. For example, if you wanted to apply voice commands, you would only have to use their language API which would give you a response very close to word recognition when users chat. The visual API is very useful if you want to work with images. It is capable of recognizing optical characters and also an analysis of image sentiments, and certain types of optical detections such as having dogs, grass, and others. If you want to use these APIs, it is recommended to use the full platform “Google Cloud” because there will be a better integration.

Microsoft Azure

hosting for mobile applicationsMicrosoft’s alternative to hosting for mobile applications is the ” Microsoft Azure ” service. It is a complete and integrated collection of cloud services, covering analytics, network, storage, computing, mobile technology. App builders will be able to accomplish much more in less time. Microsoft Azure expands beyond the borders of Windows, and integrates users who use Linux, so that users who have built their businesses on both platforms have access to those tools.

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MS Azure users will have the ability to use data centers in thirty different regions, more than the combination of the competing services mentioned in this article. With a wide variety of options to run applications and take advantage of the power and performance that hosting in the cloud allows. MS Azure supports various programming languages, operating systems, tools, devices, databases, and platforms. You can create applications in PHP, .NET, JavaScript, Python, and develop mobile applications in Windows Mobile, iOS, or Android. Also MS Azure provides advanced services such as machine learning, “Cortana” analysis, flow analysis. This helps boost business intelligence and make smarter decisions. It can be scaled and paid as you go.