What is the cloud?

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Let’s start at the beginning: what does it mean that your documents are stored in ‘the cloud’? Cloud or cloud storage is a data storage model based on computer networks, in which the data of a company is housed in virtualized storage spaces. That is, when we store information in the cloud, we are saving files somewhere on the Internet, rather than on our devices. Therefore, when we upload information to a storage service on the Internet, we say that we have stored our files in the cloud.

This revolutionary storage method has made companies change the way they store all their files, since the cloud is much more secure and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Implementing a storage service you will increase the productivity of your company

Benefits of cloud storage

Now that we know that ‘the cloud’ is not as abstract a term as it seems, we show you the main benefits of using cloud computing in a company :

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Reduce costs: the good thing about cloud storage services is that you only pay for the space you use. Therefore, companies do not have to pay initial investments, only very low variable expenses that will depend on monthly consumption.

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Unlimited capacity – you’ll never be short of storage space. One of the main advantages of this service is that, as the storage fills, more space is added. And at a very competitive price!

Remote access: as the information is not in a physical place, you can have access to this information from anywhere in the world.

Increased energy efficiency : these storage services consume less energy than conventional data centers.

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Easy to Install – You don’t have to implement any hardware or components.

Scalable storage options: If your business grows, you will not need to buy expensive hardware, but you can expand your space options based on your needs.

No updates: the cloud storage service updates automatically, so you won’t need an IT department to keep up with software and hardware updates.

Performance boost – The cloud enables SaaS applications and websites to be run at a much faster rate than a traditional data center.

It’s more secure – Data security standards are typically higher in a cloud storage provider environment. Also, in the event that, for example, you lose your computer, your data will remain safe in the cloud.

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THE EMAIL SHOP cloud storage

THE EMAIL SHOP hostinguk is a virtualization platform designed by MÁSMÓVIL Empresas that makes a fully monitored Cloud Computing management system available to companies of any size. Through this platform you will be able to create cloud infrastructures adapted to your business needs, in real time and independently.

This service is especially recommended when:

Your company wants to reduce costs and dispense with the physical space that a storage infrastructure occupies.

It is a business with seasonal and variable needs in its infrastructure.

Your company needs contingency solutions for its current structure.

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THE EMAIL SHOP is totally flexible and very easy to use. In addition, it is incredibly fast: you will be able to create your virtual resources in less than 5 minutes! As our cloud service is hosted in UK, we have total independence from third parties and, in addition, we guarantee compliance with the Data Protection Law (LOPD).

At MÁSMÓVIL Empresas we have more than 20 years of experience in the cloud computing sector, and we innovate every day to design the most innovative and cutting-edge products for your business. Do you want to meet us? Enter our website and discoverthe best cloud services for companies. Or if you prefer, find out free at 1496.