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Cyber ​​Monday (Cyber ​​Monday) is a date that occurs annually on the Monday after Black Friday, where brands continue to provide advantageous discounts. The initiative started in the United States of America in 2005.

At Repassa, we participate in Cyber ​​Week , that is, after Black Friday, the week continues with a 50% OFF discount on selected brands and products. Didn’t get to enjoy Black Friday Conscious? How about panning that look that you loved, but you can’t take. By buying gently used parts, you contribute 82% less of the environmental impact generated in your production.

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By: Gabriela Chabaribery
Who has never seen Luxury doll, The Devil Wears Prada or Sexy & The City, and hasn’t fallen in love with the luxury clothes that the characters wear? Thinking about these media references that abuse haute couture, we have separated some style suggestions for you to be inspired! Don’t worry if you are thinking about investing, because Repassa your online store, selected good luxury finds that will make your look elegant, and the best, cheap!nishat linen online

Our dear and never forgotten, Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)!

It is impossible not to think about Chanel’s little sets and not to remember Blair. She made no effort in her combinations with jackets, a short dress, pencil skirt, pumps and many accessories. Take a look at the pieces we selected for you, and get inspired by Mrs. Waldorf and guarantee your look and Chuck Bass!

Another iconic character is Carrie Bradshaw (The City), stylish and unique! The character is daring in her combinations, mixing pieces that we would never have imagined, but that works perfectly! It uses a lot of overlap, bonanza satrangi pleats and does not abandon the heel.

Inspired by these muses, we could not discard the Holly Golightly (Bonequinha de Luxo), want something more fabulous than that black tube, jewelry and perfectly symmetrical bun? In her combinations the fashionista demonstrates that the basics can be chic! Combining neutral colors and glamorous accessories. But of course, even the basics, the brands are different.

Have you managed to distinguish your favorite?

Repassa thinking about all these muses and inspirations, selected pieces with 20% discount. Liked? So dress in style, consciously abuse haute couture and conquer your designer clothes. Come panning!