Thinking about it, we separated some ideas for you to assemble your combinations and rock in the winter. 


Don’t they say that it is in winter that people get more stylish? We think so too! During this season, there are countless possibilities for looks for the cold. However, not everyone is comfortable when it comes to putting together a warm combination.

Look for the cold – how to assemble?

Despite the wide variety of clothing and accessories, there is always a way to leave a more stylish look. There are those pieces that are indispensable in the winter, like boots and leather jacket . Others, which bring joy to the composition, such as scarves.

Regardless of your style, we separate two types of events – formal and casual – for you to be inspired by the ideas and rock the production. Are you curious? So, keep reading to follow the tips.rang rasiya

Formal events

The looks for the cold can be quite varied and will depend, of course, on your style. In formal events, for example, they are moments that call for a more elegant combination. So, a tip is to bet on short winter dresses , warm fabrics and long sleeves.

In order not to leave your legs sticking out, wear thick tights and finish with a closed shoe. If you want to leave the pantyhose aside, you can choose a long boot or even an over the knee if the dress is shorter.

Casual for night
If you are looking for a casual look for the night, you can abuse your imagination a little more. The options are diverse, from looks with leggings, to the famous leather pants. These are combinations that fit for different occasions.

For a dinner, for example, you can put together a look with leather pants that are tight to the body, a boot of the same color to lengthen the look, a basic and smooth blouse and, on top, a leather or leather vest to brighten the look. composition. Another idea is to use a trench coat, with leggings and boots – long or short – to use in the days of more intense cold.

How to Wear Overcoat?

You have certainly noticed that people have different physical types. The shape of your body is not always the same as the people in your family, and even less so, your friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Therefore, not all types of clothing look good on the same people. It must have happened to find a beautiful piece in a friend and you didn’t look the way you imagined, right? And it’s completely normal!

With that in mind, we’ve set aside a few tips to answer your  question of “How to use overcoats? mariab”. Take a look!

Women – How to wear overcoats?

The female audience has different body shapes and should respect you when choosing a piece of clothing. For those with a body known as an hourglass – with the same size hips and shoulders and a slimmer waist – they go very well with the trench coat. This overcoat model values ​​the strengths of this physical type more.

The model is also a good choice for women with a more triangular body because, for the most part, it has a belt or buttons that mark the waist, creating a more evident and well-defined silhouette.

Those who have a more rectangular body can invest in the lined pieces. They increase the silhouette and give more volume to the body. For these reasons it is more suitable for thinner women.

Another feature that women need to pay attention to is the length of the overcoat, especially the shorter ones. In them, if the coat is too long, passing the knee can create a flattened look and, consequently, appear smaller than it really is.

Men – How to wear overcoats?

Among the male physical types , the trapezoid shape is the most versatile. In it, practically everything goes well, and when it comes to choosing how to use it, it is no different. So, if this is your case, wear colors and prints without fear in winter clothes .
For men who have a more oval body, and who are usually overweight, straight cut overcoats are the right options. Be careful not to choose small numbers that mark your measurements rang rasiya.

Now, if your type is the inverted triangle, where the shoulder measurements are larger than the rest of the body, you should invest in an overcoat that draws more attention to the bottom. Long or pocket models are the best options!