Style is personal and non-transferable and must always be respected.

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We are women, like you.

We believe that fashion is not about difficult words or indecipherable trends. Fashion has to work in your favor.

Curation means knowing how to translate the codes and choose, within a universe of possibilities, those that really touch us.

Because having more does not mean having the best.

We are mobile, because life happens everywhere and the best time is always now.

Fashion is praise.designer dresses pakistani

Classic pieces are far from a bland option. To update them, just a contemporary accessory, a sporty finish or the company of a more informal outfit.
Discover our inspirations with 3 icons that never go out of style.

Born literally as a coat for the trenches, from where it got its name, the trench protects from the rain and is warm for our tropical winter. Wearing it with bigger and very feminine accessories, like maxi-earrings, updates the piece and is super cool.

Lighter and less structured materials give a relaxed look to tailoring pieces.

Sporty finishes, such as the drawstring at the waist and the side pocket, also collaborate to modernize the look. The monochrome look is beautiful and easy to use.

3. Blazer
Here, the union of this classic tailoring with very traditional fabric (tweed) had everything to be straight, but … A raised collar, a cool t-shirt, jeans and trendy accessories end any monotony. And you, which classic can not live without?

How to buy clothes in 2021?

Here you don’t have to look for anything. Tell people who you are, your tastes, sizes and what you need today: work clothes? Are you going to travel? Do you have an important party?

We understand your need and send you a box made for you at home. There are 5 to 8 pieces, chosen with the help of an algorithm, which reads your information. A team of personal stylists fine-tune it. Because technology is the means and not the end.

You can experiment calmly, together with our Style Guide, which suggests nishat linen several ways to use the pieces and go with the pieces in your Fashion Box. Then, decide what you like and pay only for what you stay. The rest we remove.
That simple.