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find out which is the best women’s clothing shopping site

Are you thinking about becoming a reseller, but still have doubts about which supplier to choose? So, you need to know Moda Colmeia, the women’s clothing shopping site that offers several advantages for partners. Check out why we are a reference in the wholesale market!

Traditional company
The Fashion Beehive is in the fashion business for over 27 years, always trying to offer quality parts for versatile and women who seek to dress well. In addition to the women’s clothing shopping website, the brand also has 18 wholesale stores and three retail stores in shopping centers in CearĂ¡.

Although it was founded in Fortaleza, the store is present in several regions of frock design, totaling 11 states. There are hundreds of resellers who already believe in the brand’s purpose and use it to achieve financial freedom.ideas gul ahmed

Exclusive clothing

One of the most interesting aspects of Colmeia is that it keeps innovating.

Weekly, it launches new books with different and exclusive pieces.

For resellers, the advantages are even greater. If you are unable to sell a part, you can exchange it for another one that your client wants. That way, the stock doesn’t stay still and you don’t lose money.

Our interest is that you sell more and more and that your audience is satisfied. Therefore, we are always following the trends and launching new quality pieces.

High return
Because of the quality and elegance, the brand’s pieces sell themselves. In other words, resellers do not need to convince customers why they buy these clothes, since their ideas gul ahmed quality speaks for itself.

It is also important to note that the return obtained with the resale can be up to 100% of what was invested. In a short time, the partners already observe this in practice when achieving high profitability.

Possibility to have a women’s clothing shopping website

To be a reseller of Moda Colmeia , you don’t need to have a physical store or go to your client if you don’t want to. We offer the possibility for you to have your own women’s clothing shopping website!

It works as follows: we provide a page on our website so you can sell the parts you want. In that space, your customers will be able to enter and buy whatever they want.

It is much more practical for you and your audience. Take advantage of these advantages to also become a partner of Moda Colmeia.