FFXIV: Launcher Link Issues



There’s currently a significant login problem with the EU servers, which means that lots of players simply get an error message
when they try to start the game after inputting their information. This problem could indicate DNS problems. Another difficulty
might be the so-called routing tables, these are practically the signposts on the Internet. When there was an update, it can
happen that this has not yet arrived everywhere.This is the way data is sent to the servers and arrives there, but unfortunately
much too late.Let’s say the server is put to a timeout of 10 minutes, however our data only reach the server after 12 minutes.

Because they simply had to go too long throughout the routing table, for instance.So you now get an error message that the link
hasn’t been established.It may of course also happen that some of the ffxiv data centres does not arrive at the host;Here just the Web providers
can take care of the problem.By restarting the router at home or with a VPN, you may be able to attain success , but there is no
100% chance.Exactly what does that imply?So-called IP addresses are actually used on the Internet, these only exist as numbers,
e.g., in order that in short, the connections are established online. Through the DNS (Domain Name System), it’s
possible that an IP address may also be reached by means of a name.This makes coping with the Internet, for example, much easier
for people, because let’s be honest, who would like to remember hundreds of IP addresses?Let’s take Google as an example.You can
reach Google via the following IP address, but should you would like to try to remember this IP address, we don’t
think so. Through the DNS it’s currently possible to reach Google through the name google.com.Try it out, it works.When there’s an
issue with a DNS server which handles these names and can assign them into the IP addresses, it can happen that the names can no
more be assigned.If you attempt to go to google.com, for example, it can occur that just an error page is displayed here. If, on
the other hand, you initiate the attempt via the IP address, the webpage will be called up.The precise location of
this error can be a tricky hunt. On the one hand, it can be with the Web providers (e.g. Vodafone, Telekom), in one of the
information centres or in an entirely different site.Would you do something about it yourself?Possibility Number 1With your own
router, you are able to check whether there is an issue with the online provider’s DNS server.Here you just change the DNS server,
which is usually obtained automatically from the supplier.This then has to be altered manually and the best thing to do would be
to restart the router.One could use the DNS server from Google or even Cloudflare here.GoogleIPv4: 8.8.8 and 2001:
4860: 4860 :: 8888 and 2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8844CloudflareIPv6: 2606: 4700: 4700 :: 1111 and 2606: 4700: 4700 :: 1001You could also
use this DNS server but you need to always keep this change in mind if you’ve got such problems again, as problems may also arise
with the above-mentioned DNS servers.The best thing about this alternative is that it affects all devices, therefore PlayStation 4
users can also use it to solve these issues.Where you are able to find the settings in your router because of this, please refer
to the guide, since there are a large number of routers and internet interfaces for this, it isn’t feasible to provide detailed
instructions.Possibility 2Using a VPN could assist here. Generally, a VPN is really only used in a business network.VPN means
Virtual Private Network, in short, you construct another network within a network that is also secured. You can use it anonymously
online.This builds a link with a host of a VPN provider that is in the USA, for example. This offers you an IP address from the
USA, all the connections you create now run through the VPN provider’s server and then end up on your own computer again.It’s now
also possible to establish a connection.It can be enough to set a connection for a short while and also to disconnect it after a
short period, or in rare cases a relationship must exist all the time.However, you need to look closely at VPN providers, there
are a few free suppliers, but here you may get a very slow link, only a particular ffxiv data center split volume or that there are only a limited
number of free links.Free VPN providersProtonVPNChoice of 3 countries with mediocre speedWindscribeLimited country selection, fair
speed and limited data volumeOn the flip side, there are the paid VPN suppliers, many of which also provide their services free of
charge. These are priced between $ 4 and $20 (per month), based on which subscription model or characteristics you want.NordVPN
SurfSharkLarge selection of countries, very fast speed, no restricted data volume.The huge disadvantage with VPN is that only PC
gamers can solve the issue with it, because sadly there isn’t any means to do this to the PlayStation 4.There are of course a high
number of additional free and paid VPN suppliers, we have only given a few examples .Option 3Restart the router in your home.By
restarting the router, it builds a wholly new link to the world wide web. Additionally, this may result in success with this
problem.There are exceptions here, so restarting the router may not have any effect with some Internet providers, as the previous
connection is only re-established.We expect we could help you with this. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a 100% guarantee that
our options will solve your problem.Just the online supplier or Square Enix provides an specific statement about the current