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We run individual hosting, email and cloud solutions for our customers. Our customers are relying on our solutions for years,
regardless of whether they’re a company, attorney, physician, self-employed person or private person. Through regular care and
maintenance of the hardware and software, we achieve accessibility, security and data security at the highest degree. Our servers
are situated in a German data centre and are operated in accordance with the latest IT security and information protection

Email and web hosting

Besides our individual solutions, we also have put together a few bundles”for you”. Typically, these bundles cover a basic
necessity. We’re delighted to offer you larger bundles, including your servers, which are configured and operated exclusively for
you and your users. We look forward to your email or call.


Operating your own website is no longer the sole domain of businesses, organizations and public associations. Increasingly,
private people are also producing their own website, make it a homepage that revolves about their hobby, a website, a photo page
or merely a self-presentation. But as hardly anyone has sufficient server capacity to host their site themselves, a very simple
solution is obvious: domain and email hosting.

There are a considerable variety of internet hosting service providers on the current market, so that it is hard for aspiring
webmasters to acquire a well-founded review and also to discover the best possible deal for their unique needs.

The tendency is clear: that the scope of services is increasing steadily with all providers, while prices are falling
continuously. A shift is therefore worthwhile in many cases!

We took a good look at the offers from eight of those best-known hosting providers and them. This is followed with a thorough
guide that explains what the web hosting marketplace has to offer and what to look for when deciding upon an offer.

Together with vServer hosting, the storage quantity figures to 500 to 2,000 gigabytes, the main memory to 4 to 24 gigabytes of
RAM. Even the smallest tariff can come up with a traffic level rate.

Host Europe offers a choice of 392 distinct TLDs, but these are not included in the hosting tariffs and must be leased for a
monthly fee. The amount of this fee varies depending on the domain ending.

The cost range of the best email hosting UK packages ranges in the reach of services to a reasonable 4.99 to 14.99 euros a month. To get a
one-month term, a one-time installment fee of 14.99 euros is due; should you reserve an annual subscription, then this does not
apply. For the digital server, the price range is 19.99 to 59.99 euros per month, the setup fee is 19.99 euros, to get a managed
dedicated host 149.00 to 299.00 euros per month with a setup fee of 149.00 euros.

The host location is at Host Europe abroad. The group cooperates with all the Ukraine-based service firm LvivIT! , which is
responsible for the management of this host. The information protection standards are therefore tough to assess. On the other
hand, the elastic conditions stand out favorably: Upgrades and downgrades between the bundles are possible at any time at no cost,
with shared hosting there is no minimum contract period.