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And is that remembering the IPs of every webpage could be too difficult a project, so the domain name strategy was developed to permit users to create names and terms which are easy to remember for users.

Have you ever heard of DNS and do not understand exactly what they are? Here we describe it to you and instruct you how to change them on your customer area.

In fact, in its latest version, that took place this past year, it attained sales of US $190 million, consolidating itself as one of the most influential e-commerce activities in the nation, exceeded only by CyberDay in May 2018, which enrolled a record of US $210 million in earnings.

The notion is both CyberMonday sales in October and sales will reveal blue amounts, which might occur, experts say, given that people will probably not expect their Christmas purchases for this month.

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Step 1 DNS

When changing an hosting provider’s web page, one of those things that we are often requested to do is change the domain DNS, something which may be unintelligible for most users. Because of this, in INC we want to briefly describe what DNS is, what it is for, how it functions and the way to do that configuration. One of the effects which CyberMonday brought was that the change of habit in consumers, that over the years have been benefiting from the instance to progress Christmas purchases, this to this extent that the leadership of December since the best month for commerce, I would be at risk.


The DNS function to signal to the user that types a domain name to which host he should go to pick up the web page he wishes to consult. All webpages are hosted below an IP address and also what this program does is convert this numerical series to a domain name.

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Quite simply, DNS is the acronym that makes up the denomination Domain Name System or Domain Name System and along with pointing the domain names to the corresponding server, it will enable us to translate the actual speech, which can be a numerical relationship called IP, at the domain name. 4. Select”use custom nameservers” and input the DNS you want for your domain.

Likewise, this would also help decompress pre-Christmas deliveries, so achieving greater logistics, although Retail companies are also preparing satisfactorily to supply.


for All of the above, the CCS chose to advance the Beginning of CyberMonday 2018 for following Monday, October 8. And it’s that in accordance with the experts of the field, who took advantage of making their purchases for the 2017 version of CyberMonday, they did not buy as much in December. 5. Then click “Change Nameservers” and you must wait between 4 to 8 hours for this change to propagate on the Internet.

The conventional eCommerce event will occur on October 8, 9 and 10 rather than in November, as every year. Why? Find out with INC.. HOW DO I CHANGE THE DNS IN THE CUSTOMER AREA OF ​​INC?

  1. Login for a client in along with your Email and Password This amount will represent 6% of overall midsize retail revenue, which will be of basic importance if the more than US $500 million a year in purchases made by Chileans on international websites can also be taken into account, according to estimates from the Chamber of Commerce.

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Let us do it using a practical example. Let’s assume that a user wants to access a web page, for he types the domain in their own browser. Once found, it is going to deliver the IP into the browser, and this will return the web page to the consumer. AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SMES

even though it is thought that these dates are created for big commercial institutions, SMEs can also get excellent returns from the electronic occasion, since having a good marketing or marketing strategy they could reach the target audience, using attractive discounts.