Advantages of using server allocations

Server Colocation uk

The server is the heart of the network for storing, exchanging and accessing information about a company or its branches. Over the years, several solutions have been developed to optimize all processes involving the subject in order to reduce costs, increase performance or improve safety.

Currently, most companies choose to invest in physical servers, located within their premises or by the cloud model, contracted with service providers. Let’s talk about the characteristics of this second model below and show how the allocation of servers can be advantageous for your company.



Practicality and physical space

Allocating your cloud server brings practicality to your company as it does not work with equipment within its physical space, thus saving you installation time and space.




As it is not necessary to invest in equipment, choosing an allocated server brings savings right when the contract is closed. The company now relies on providing the service without having to purchase hardware that can have a major impact on the budget.

Server Colocation uk

A great example of this would be a retail chain with its own uk colocation in each store. The cost of installation and maintenance increases according to the size of the network which makes this solution unfeasible. With an allocated server, all units receive the same standard of service, connection and data exchange, without the need for physical investment in this sector.




The allocated server also brings greater versatility in the quality and price of the products offered. It is possible, much faster, to upgrade, or even downgrade, your plan from one month to the next, which is much more difficult and costly if the company has its own physical Cheap Colocation Uk. This makes it easier to avoid waste and possible system overloads that can lead to hours without work and losses. This characteristic is very important for businesses affected by seasonality, which have high demand at specific times of the year.




With an allocated server it is possible to grow quickly because you connect one or more branches to the cloud servers. As you are working with cloud servers, integrating new workstations, or branches, is an almost instantaneous action that will speed up the scalability of the connection between the company.




When your company hires an allocated server, all support is guaranteed by the contractor, which brings standardized service and the cost included in the purchased plan.




Because it is physically restricted, a Server Colocation Uk is, in theory, more secure than an allocated one, however, even in these cases there is no infallibility, since it is connected to other devices (computers, smartphones, tablets …) with internet access and its threats, also needing care in this regard. On the other hand, the allocated server has security systems programmed by specialized and updated professionals, prepared to neutralize the invasion attempts and other dangers.

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