4 tips for clothing stores to sell more, attracting and retaining their customers

Do you want to learn how to attract more customers and increase your revenue with small changes and little financial investment? Learn here how to organize, create and create promotions for your clothing trade.

Clothing meets two needs, the first one who brought was Pedro Álvares Cabral as soon as he landed in these lands. He dressed all the Indians, our ancestors, and so, since then, it’s been a good tone to walk dressed. The other is more linked to our vanity, our need to feel beautiful and in line with our social group.

First define who your customer

I know, it looks like lecture text. But it makes perfect sense for the conversation we’re going to have now. Doesn’t the path to success in commerce start with knowing who your customer is ? So what I said at the beginning makes perfect sense. There are consumers who buy clothes because they need to dress. They don’t care if it’s fashionable. They care about the cost benefit and want practicality when buying .

And there is the biggest group (to your relief, owner of a sapphire online clothing store): those who buy clothes thinking about looking nice and presentable. Ufa! This is the group that consumes the most.

So, keeping in mind these two groups, you know that your store should be visually attractive, but without losing practicality. And in addition to thinking about modern pieces, which are “in fashion”, you cannot forget the basic pieces. Those with more sober colors and without much fru fru. Pieces that never go out of style without necessarily being in fashion.rang rasiya

The vain customer will attract you in the window.

Caprice in the assembly, choose the most modern pieces, but do not fill your showcase to the point that the customer does not see the interior of the store. And leave at a point of view, a counter or other type of exhibitor that shows basic pieces such as T-shirts and more neutral pieces. There are many more tips on showcasing in the post ” How to set up a sales showcase” .

Remember, a showcase that allows you to see the interior of the store will be attractive to all audiences and safer, as I told in the text published two weeks ago on how to prevent theft in your store .

This organization applies to stores of all sizes. If the space is small, explore the higher parts to expose the pieces. So, you take advantage of all the available area. And make clear the sectorization, a space for each audience, even if it is a shelf for each one.