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We are finishing the summer, and we want to close the season with a wonderful and super fashionista tip: the mix of prints. In addition, you can apply this tip with the autumn / winter prints and use this trend all year round. If you are still afraid to mix prints or think it would be tacky, we are here to dispel this myth and show you how easy it can be to make combinations; Learn how to use it so that the look is harmonious, without carrying too much.

The mix of prints can be incredible but many people are afraid to dare and make mistakes.

If you are part of the women’s team that never tried to combine prints, the tip is to start with smaller and basic prints, like stripes and poles and neutral colors. Tip that also applies to the work environment.

Now, if you want to dare a little in the day-to-day look, try mixing prints with strong colors, or make a mix of large and small prints. Another good option is to bet on the same pattern, only in different sizes. Example: floral + mini-floral, animal print on the blouse and smaller animal print on the shoes. Unleash creativity!

Mix of prints: same colors
Betting on one color or the classic B&W, black and white, is a good rang rasiya strategy to avoid making mistakes in the mix of prints. So, you choose two prints and innovate without fear.

What do you think of adopting this very cheerful and modern look?

The Feira Shop stores are receiving a lot of news for the hottest and most colorful season of the year. Come check it out and play this trend! Also check out our social networks and Pinterest for more tips!
4 Jeans models that will make you drop skinny
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The jeans is unanimity when it comes to democratic clothes. There are models of jeans for all tastes, styles and bodies. Among the most beloved jeans models, there is the skinny pants, which goes with all shoes, all rang rasiya lawn blouses and fits very well in most environments and situations, being able to go from the cinema to more casual parties, going through clubs and parks without losing style. To give you an idea, the skinny pants are so dear that many people end up having several jeans in the wardrobe, and guess what: all with the same model! To get out of sameness, many of us look for other models of jeans, and if you came here in search of them, you got to the right place! Check out all our tips below!


The good news is that fashion is increasingly democratic, new models (most not so new) have started to gain space, both in taste and in the daily lives of women, who today find themselves in a universe of options and jeans. they often end up combining jeans with jeans . See some models and ask all your questions about how to use the parts. We guarantee that from now on you will rock your looks with these pieces!

After skinny pants, flare jeans are one of the favorites in the female taste. This is because flare pants are great for balancing the silhouette, making the look more harmonious. What’s more, the flare pants stretch. Who wouldn’t want to look a few inches taller?

3 models of jeans to replace the skinny3 models of jeans to replace the skinny3 models of jeans to replace the skinny3 models of jeans to replace the skinny3 models of jeans to replace the skinny

Comfort is the word that best defines boyfriend jeans . It is very wide, with the largest, lowest hook. We usually see this type of pants being used with the folded bar, which gives a lot of charm to the look, but this model has some precautions to be taken. It tends to flatten the silhouette and, for the shorter ones, the tip of always using it with heels, if possible without bending the bar, can be very valuable.

3 models of jeans to replace the skinny tips blog Feira Shop Bh3 models of jeans to replace the skinny tips blog Feira Shop Bh3 models of jeans to replace the skinny tips blog Feira Shop Bh


This model is Mom’s jeans. Yes, because he was a fever in the 80s and 90s, and today he is coming back with everything! The Mom Jeans has straight modeling, soltinha and very high waist, and as comfortable as the model boyfriend. To make the look more modern, combine it with a cropped top, which came and never went out of style, or with a blouse inside, marking the high waist well. If you still have any doubts about how to use it, we made an incredible article that you can read here .