How to choose tropical prints for fitness fashion?

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Crossfit clothing: how to choose the best options?

Despite the periods in greater evidence, tropical prints are never completely out of fashion, especially in fitness and beach fashion. Continue reading and learn more about this subject that is still a trend and makes your look more cheerful and full of colors!

The prints with foliage, which invaded the beaches and gyms in 2017, will continue to increase in the summer of this year. Coconut leaves, Adam’s rib and green tones are good bets. In addition, stripes combined with flowers (and sometimes larger sizes) and neon or multicolored prints will also be very successful. Use and abuse this trend!

In addition to leaves and flowers, the tropical prints also carry themes with fruits, such as pineapples, guavas and watermelons. They are democratic and, depending on the color palette, they can be used by different audiences and in different places.

In the gym, the models that will be more successful are those with warm colors and very vivid. Other novelties are due to modeling and textures.

Tropical and geometric combination
The geometric prints are traditional and timeless and can be combined with tropical elements. This option pleases fans with more striking prints and is good for making shorts and leggings.

How to buy?

Digitale Têxtil offers three options of bases for making fitness clothing . Tropical prints can be applied to the type of fabric chosen. Are they:

making clothes for cyclists
Making clothes for cyclists: where to start?
It is recommended to manufacture fitness pieces, such as mariab leggings, tops and shorts and also beachwear, because it is comfortable even in models that are tighter to the body. The differentials are elasticity, high compression and differentiated touch. rang rasiya

Speedy Power
Homologated by Creora Power Fit, it is a medium weight and high compression fabric, aimed at high performance physical exercises. Speedy Power is ideal for developing pants, leggings, tops, shorts and also pieces of surfwear.

Active Power
With a weight of 350 G / M² (+ – 5%) and greater compression capacity than the other rang rasiya bases, Active Power has excellent breathability and durability. Ideal for making high performance sports pieces.

The three fabric options have supermicrofiber technologies, which guarantees more softness and comfort; UV 50+ for protection against ultraviolet rays and antibacterial / anti-odor, which inhibits odors and bacteria proliferation. And there are two more advantages: the treatment with aloe vera microcapsules, which moisturizes the skin and fights free radicals, and Creora Power Fit, which maintains elasticity and prolongs the life of the fabric.