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Spring 2020 is already coming! Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, this is a time when people also want to look more elegant and, with the heat coming on, bet on more colorful and lighter clothes for everyday life.

It is worth remembering that this year, spring is also awaited because, until then, the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to be more controlled and with a falling curve, soon people are looking for more clothes to go out.

Although there is still no certainty about this, it is estimated that cities and states expand the scenarios for easing social isolation.

The opening of bars, restaurants and the return of tourism is already taking place, for example.

Back on the streets with all the necessary care, like wearing a face mask and gel alcohol, of course, people will want to look good. Therefore, this could also be a great resumption for your trade to sell more the best pieces of spring 2020 fashion.

We have prepared lists of trends in the female and male sectors for the next season. Follow!

Women’s fashion trends for spring 2021
Tie dye
Tie dye is a clothing dyeing technique that has been around for many, many years and which, in spring 2021, should gain even more strength.

Tie dye pieces are a symbol of social revolution and individual freedoms, with a strong cultural context. Women’s T-shirts and blouses, as well as sets with shorts and pants in light fabrics with this type of dyeing are expected to become very popular in the coming months.


T-shirts and sets
Spring is a season that calls for lightness, as the hottest days begin to dominate the climate. Therefore, having t-shirts and sets in the wardrobe is something that never goes out of style.

In 2020, the spring women’s fashion is betting on these more pret wear stripped pieces, mainly to compose looks for outdoor walks or to stay at home.

Denim shorts are wild pieces, which practically every woman has in her wardrobe.

They are versatile and allow countless combinations, in looks that will be on the rise in spring 2020.

At the moment, they are in high shorts like the goat, with high waist, with buttons lined in jeans and also with a belt.


Summer look trousers
Trousers with a summer look start to be used in the spring, with lighter washes and lighter fabrics.

Cropped modeling should also appear, since they are pieces with the shortest length and that facilitate the combination with summer shoes, such as flat shoes and open sandals.

Skinny pants and moms are expected to remain on the khaadi summer sale rise, appearing in many spring 2020 looks.


Candy colors
Another trend for women is the return of candy colors, the most colorful and light tones, often in pastel colors.

Candy colors can appear in several pieces, from a more casual look to monochromatic suits.


Men’s fashion trends for spring 2021
Printed short sleeve shirt
For men, a piece that comes with strength in spring 2020 fashion are the printed short sleeve shirts. Among the prints that come with more force are the floral ones, in light fabrics, like cotton and viscose.

They are ideal for more casual looks, such as walks in the park, on the beach and in airy places, a type of program that will be popular in the season, due to the need to maintain a certain social distance.


Twill shorts with tailoring cut
Tailored twill shorts, called chino, also tend to be used a lot by men next season. These are pieces that can be used in a more informal way, with t-shirt and sneakers or slippers.

However, they can also compose more chic looks, with moccasin shirts and shoes, or slip on sneakers .


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