Fall / winter trends 2021

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Today we officially start autumn here in Brazil! Despite the fact that temperatures are still not so low, trends are already starting to bubble up on social networks and websites. We are always up to date on all the news and we could not fail to bring the autumn / winter 2020 trends here to the blog! Then come check out all the news with us!


The first news is that we have trends for all styles and tastes. We will have many different colors, textures, shapes and shoes! You will certainly be able to update your looks and stay within the trends without losing your own style. We will see inspirations in classic French sophistication and in contrast we will also see inspirations in punk rebellion.

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Puffing Sleeve
In the last seasons, we have already had the presence of khaadi online puffing mangoes and they have been a great success among Feira Shop customers. In autumn / winter 2020 they will continue to be present, this time also in the jackets. They will give a touch of exaggeration and glamor to the pieces without losing the elegance of the season.

Structured shoulders
Inspired by the 80s, structured shoulders will be a strong presence, but this time in more rounded models.

autumn / winter trends blog fair shop bh tips

High collar
In these seasons the necks will be much more heated, because the high collar is a trend and many women are already betting.

Colorful chess and preppy style
This style that was successful in the 50s and was inspired by the uniforms of North American schools. Plaid, flannel pants, tweed, shirts and midi length are items that can be seen in street style.

Coats, capes and fake fur

The coats and capes are very elegant and at the same time keep you warm and comfortable. They will be seen with a lot of versatility this season. In addition, fake fur and feathers gain space and bring the glamor of the mariab golden age of Hollywood, but with a sustainable footprint.

Puffer jacket
This piece is the face of street style and several brands around the world bet on the reinvention of this piece. It will be seen in either the oversized version or the shorter and tighter version.

Leather and synthetic fabrics always come back with everything in the cold seasons and now it will be no different. But this time the brands have a sustainable appeal and are investing even more in synthetic fabrics to replace animal leather.