Comfort and practicality are a good choice when choosing what to wear on any occasion

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But when it comes to staying at home combinations, they become the top priority. Thinking about it, our stylists separated some tips on

how to put together the ideal comfy look for moments at home:

Bet on broad modeling
Oversized modeling has been gaining space in wardrobes for some seasons, but there is no need to invest in a completely loose shape to achieve a comfortable result. Balancing the silhouette by mixing larger pieces with tighter rang rasiya lawn accessories creates looks that are comfortable and great for enjoying time at home.

Invest in lightweight fabrics
An important part of what defines a piece’s comfort or not is the fabric on which it is made. So, prefer the ones with natural and breathable fibers, like cotton or linen, and more malleable like the knit. Let go of nishat linen online fabrics that limit movements like leather. The same goes for parts with applications and details that can be annoying, after all, what we least want at these times is discomfort, isn’t it?

Throw yourself in sportswear

Clothes with a more sporty footprint are made exactly to be comfortable, so why not take advantage of this and invest in sportswear pieces in the choices of homemade looks? A jogger in sweatpants or even the old known legging can be the base piece for a combination with a rotting t-shirt or oversized knitting.

Redefine your wardrobe pieces

We know that the concept of homewear is far from just pajamas, but nothing prevents you from incorporating these pieces into your look to create a high-low composition. You may be surprised how a pajama button shirt can go great with tailoring pants, or the looser shorts with a linen shirt.

Did you like the tips? Our stylists can help you put together the comfortable looks you need. Just ask for your Fahion Box.
How to organize your wardrobe
We separate quick and easy tips for you to keep your looks always in order!

1. Discard parts that have been standing for too long or that no longer serve you. Don’t you remember wearing that shirt in the last year? Perhaps it no longer fits into your day-to-day and can go to donation.


2. Start the organization with the hangers: separate the wooden ones from the plastic ones, the black ones from the transparent ones and the ones colored by shades. Place them all with the hooks facing inward. In addition to being more visually pleasing, you will be able to see your clothes more easily!


3. Separate the types and models of clothing: group the types of garments into orders that make sense to you. Tops separated from the bottom, light fabrics separated from the heavy ones, short from the long ones, and so on …


4. Establish specific spaces for each item in your closet. At that time, using tags to determine each section can be super helpful. Remember: heavy and easily wrinkled clothes always hang better on hangers.


Always fold t-shirts the same way, so they are the same size.

When hanging shirts and coats, fold the sleeves to the front of the garment. This small detail helps to prevent clothes from getting tangled in the closet.
Place handkerchiefs, belts and other accessories in boxes.
Now that you’ve organized all your clothes, tell us if anything is missing. Our team of stylists can help you complete your wardrobe in the most practical and fun way!