Let’s clear up some misconceptions!


Well, so you’ve decided you need to build a website. First of all – congratulations! This means that you are doing something the whole world should know. By the whole world, I mean actually half of the world, the other half doesn’t have an Internet connection yet (so you should be grateful for having it!).

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Anyway, this guide will guide you through the entire process of building a website in a clear, concise, and most importantly no-brainer method – in less than half an hour you’ll have your own shiny website. And by focusing on the important things and using our promo code, you’ll save £ 750 in the process.



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Yes, we all wish to get started as soon as possible, but I’d recommend going through a few things first (don’t worry, it’ll take less than 5 minutes). But if you’re in love with the desire to build a site and WANT TO GET STARTED IMMEDIATELY, you can scroll down a few paragraphs using this in-page link .


Priorities first

First off, let’s point out this: while this guide itself is completely free (come on, dear!), It should not be used to build a website for free . Yes that’s right, it’s technically possible to build a website without spending a penny, but in this case it’s a free hosting (they’re getting terribly bad) or a free subscription plan for a site builder like Weebly (which also shows ads and does brand work on your website, uh) you have to use it. However, the biggest reason is, then you can’t get a free domain namewebsitem.weebly.com , and like, leaning your shoulder on someone else’s domain won’t motivate your visitors to take you seriously.

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Second, “Who are you telling me what to do ?!” If there are those who say, here is a brief statement that I introduce myself (or secretly praise myself): My name is Andrii Shekhirev, I am the founder of the Satori Webmaster Academy (ie this site). In addition to building websites for my own projects and others since 2007, I am Elite Creative at ThemeForest , the world’s largest website template marketplace – my products have helped over 2000 people create their own websites (no, I won’t advertise here).


Over the years, I’ve tested dozens of ways to make websites, as well as testing countless site builders, hosting providers, and content management systems. This guide is a summary of what I’ve learned and I’m happy to share it with you today.


Oh! Finally over. Now, finally, I thought it was honest to state that this guide contains some affiliate links. This means, for example, when I buy a hosting plan via the link in this text, I get a fixed commission from the respective provider.


The good news is that this agreement has no effect on the amount you pay , because the provider pays us out of their own money – it’s like redirecting their advertising expense for them. So yes, if you like this guide, you might consider purchasing the hosting service through our links. Let’s get this huge, multinational corporation pay for it, muhahah!


..Öhm, all right. Let’s get back to our work. For the final preliminary before we get started (shortly, promise!), Here are some common urban legends about building your own website. Eliminating them from the beginning will give you a better understanding of what is what.