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We were always VERY anxious during the process of choosing a party dress, right? That’s because, usually, we already have something in mind or worse, we have no idea what to use on the big day! It’s scary! We look everywhere, we try to borrow from the mother, sisters, friends and it doesn’t always work.

Especially because there are several concerns, such as

Which long to use on each occasion?

How to find long plus size?

I’m a bridesmaid, what to wear?

With that in mind, we have prepared the best tips for you to choose your long (and chic) ​​dress for the party that is so important to come.

As soon as the invitation is delivered, we start to go crazy thinking about the perfect dress, make up, accessories, shoes. Being up to an occasion as unique as marriage is not easy! Therefore, our super production tip for your friend or family’s big day is frock design Dresses , with lace that stands out for the contrast of the lining color; Mermaid models with asymmetrical muslin skirt that provide ample movement to the piece; Embroidered in stones, making the piece even more sophisticated and elegant. Another tip is to combine accessories and rosé / gold shoes . In addition to trend, this junction is beautiful!frock design

Another very demanding situation is when we are bridesmaids ( or mother of one of the bride and groom ). But if there is a piece that will leave everyone jaw-dropping it is the Party Dress , which can also be called PER-FEI-TO ! After all, there is no doubt that if you want to be rocking as a godmother, this dress is a great option . For make, accessories and shoes, the bet is to abuse the gold , water green and blue .

The long-awaited graduation ceremony is another moment that calls for elegance and finesse , as it is the day when an extremely significant cycle of adult life is ending. And for us, women of good taste, it’s another chance to ROCK! Combine a lot of classic gold , which is the perfect match for black. The math is this: golden + black = IMPECCABLE LOOK!

We are right in the middle of the Brazilian summer and what else has is a tropical theme party.

For those who live close to the sea it is easy to find a place on the beach or an outdoor party with that coastal climate. Now, answer me, what best suits this delicious summer in khaadi sale? YES! Flowers , many bright colors , foliage , elements of nature … The Floral Dress is the representation of all this Brazilian vivacity and energy. Made of viscose; Mix of prints; Modeling godê, midi or long and fluid, which helps to compose a more stripped look. And a very important detail is the cardigan or a vest, how cute! When night falls, that cool breeze can come, but the composition makes everything super functional.

Harmonize with other elements of nature, such as earrings and necklace with a floral aspect.

Abuse of colors ! If it’s a daytime event, choose your glasses without fear. It can be an aviator or the most modern super in Poolside.

The bride already has to worry about a LOT, BUT a LOT of things for her big day: the wedding. It is wrong to think that it is only for the religious ceremony and party that the woman wants to be impeccably beautiful. Nowadays it is very common for the bride and groom to get married in a forum or notary, making the civil union to later consecrate the marriage in the religious aspect. That is, the bride also needs to choose a beautiful look for this very important occasion. But we have a suggestion that will help the future wife: the beautiful dress from Fasciniu’s brand. It can be knitted with lurex threads forming a geometric pattern; Mermaid modeling or with manual embroidery on the bust.