The relationship between fashion weeks and macro trends

What do the world fashion weeks – Fashion Weeks

say about macro fashion trends? In this post you will understand about the consumption behavior expressed in world fashion launches.

At this time of year, many relevant brands in the fashion world presented their proposals. Have you ever stopped to think about how much fashion launches help you understand macro trends?

We know that fashion weeks are already a tradition.

It is from them that other brands and fashion businesses guide their future actions. In addition, they think of strategies to meet the demands of consumption and expression through fashion as clothing.

However, it is important to note that these releases are not always new. What I mean is that in the fashion ideas contained in the shows there are inspirations from past times, which are updated according to the creative side of the brands or stylists.

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In addition, launches are supported by behavioral trends that are also known as macro trends. These trends are manifested in fashion proposals and are “aestheticized” in products, wearable materials.khaadi sale


In the fashion weeks of the month if September 2020 there was a recurrence back to the past, be it in styles and models, or in the ways of making and presenting creations.

In this sense, the shows – unusual or revisited – announced vectors to think about the future paths of fashion. Therefore, I tried to point out some vectors to think about the fashion trends identified on the catwalks and strategies of the brands in the most important Fashion Weeks in the world.


First, it is important to highlight that the need to create genuine connections with the public was clear. Well, the social dynamic calls for affective memory, emotional design in fashion.

Thinking in this way, brands need to study more about the subject, and understand how relevant it is to know in-depth about the fashion trajectory.

Secondly, in some shows, such as the Moschino brand, for example, it was evident the rescue of iconic feats in the history of fashion. In other words, the brand presented a “parade” clearly inspired by the “Teatre de La Mode” carried out by luxury brands in Paris in the 1940s.

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Moschino fashion show
In this scenario, today’s strategies reveal the tendency to associate with nostalgic times when fashion was more genuine, artistic and less fast fashion.

In another perspective, when the subject was biotype, new bodies (fat, black, peripheral), human and virtual, announced a diverse and inclusive future for fashion. Undoubtedly, this is an increasingly strong movement, khaadi online showing an advance in the way of thinking and elitizing fashion with an often unrealistic body pattern.

For those who study or have studied the history of fashion, perceiving this change is like a victory.

The strength of technology as a resource to humanize and not to create an artificial relationship with the public was also clear. Therefore, actions in line with current behavioral movements are necessary, without considering the DNA of each brand.

Still on this subject of technology, we can think that the media (spontaneous or paid) has increasingly become an important attribute, many times more relevant than the brand equity itself.

However, in the launchings of the fashion weeks we are sure that consumption cannot be thought of as a north, but as an end. That is, the strategy is not only to sell the product itself, but to sell brand value that is power to maintain traditional brands – or not – as relevant in the current fashion system.

Finally, as I always like to remember, fashion, history, culture and the fashion system feed together. Thus, it is worth remembering that brands and professionals in the field need to deepen their knowledge of the gears of fashion in order to position themselves positively in the face of the horizon that is being announced.

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