The  are a reference in the fashion world

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and we are not talking about the big houses like Chanel, Dior or Saint Laurent. Women who live in exude charm, elegance and refinement on all occasions of their day. This lifestyle is in high demand around the world, making them references as a synonym for good taste in street style .

Considered as the most elegant women in the world, women have a classic, timeless fashion that is envied by many.

Despite not having a properly defined style, the fashion essence of these women is defined by attitude.

Walking around Galeries Lafayette I could see all this glamor, not least because authentic girls pass away from extremely elaborate productions that connote an air of excess. This style can even be summed up as chic minimalism! It couldn’t be different, could it? Paris is one of the cradles of world fashion and this climate is perfect for influencing people who love the world of fashion and style. I, for one, am a great admirer and fan!

There are two interesting publications on the topic that you can read for more information about the French: one is the famous book “A Parisiense – Ines de La Fressange’s Style Guide”, written by Ines de La Fressange and the fashion journalist Sophie Gachet. The book portrays what Ines learned about style and beauty during the years she worked in the fashion industry, as well as precious advice on how to dress with French charm. The title “How to Be a Parisian Anywhere in the World”, written by Anne Berest, answers through interviews with genuinely Parisian women why women in  are unique and irresistible.

Adapted from the men’s wardrobe, the blazer is a big wildcard for the woman’s style. According to Isabelle, he needs to dress perfectly on his body. So, no oversized pieces: the shoulder line should hit and the piece cannot be wide.bonanza satrangi



Yes! It is possible to coordinate extremely elegant looks with jeans. And the are the real proof of that! Isabelle comments that the skinny shape is the best for productions and that we should always have three colors in the closet: the pants in the traditional wash, the super dark and the white color. The piece needs no introduction regarding its versatility, it is extremely young and injects the necessary casualness of style into the look.



Leather jackets can even be considered an investment. Extremely timeless, the pieces resist any fad and add a lot of style to the production. A look with the jacket, jeans and T-shirt is considered a French uniform! khaadi online Absolutely everything matches the piece. So it is worth investing in good materials when choosing your own. The perfect cut is one of the most versatile and that values ​​any production!



Practical and comfortable, but at the same time charming, the sneakers are the official shoes of the women for their daily commitments. They live with their peers and do not easily exchange them for any shoes. The model with a rounded tip and a delicate bow is preferred. At least one, in black, every must have.



If the sneaker is the everyday shoe, the pumps are (without a doubt) the official high heels for women. In addition to the models we are used to here, which have a pointed toe and a higher heel, Isabella also suggests a classic Roger Vivier, which has a smaller heel and toe and a buckle to finish off.



The trenchcoat (or above all) is a piece widely used by men and women across Europe. In, he is even more charming when combined with the complete look. Vai comes with jeans, dresses, tailoring pieces … A multitude of looks and combinations to perform that will become even more charming!



The concern that  women have with comfort and versatility is remarkable, even when dressing. Therefore, the bag chosen as a favorite should be practical without losing its charm. The suggestion is due to the tote model, for example, or the shopper: great for its internal space and with shapes that go well on almost all occasions.


The purse-wallet is another powerful trick in the closet. Think about the following situation: an appointment comes at the last minute and you are already at work. Take the clutch out of your bag and leave the biggest one in the office. You will be ready for a more formal or elegant occasion, for example, just by changing the accessories.


Another piece that needs no introduction, but that allows a richer wardrobe and its even more charming productions, is the black dress because it can be the basis for any look! Just coordinate the overlays correctly or bet on more impactful accessories. There is no mistake in this production!

In addition to Isabelle’s tips, there are also other pieces that complement the Women’s closet and that are seen in countless street style productions in that country. They are experts in coordinating the classic with the modern in productions that go far from being funny. Tailoring, for example, is wild and always appears with a lot of femininity. So, invest super in a good white shirt with different shape – no pieces with traditional modeling, ok?

Another great secret is the card in neutral tones. Even though this is always repeated in style tips, the neutral color chart allows for an infinite number of combinations in your closet, because everything will match each other. And  know it! You can see: their looks are always more “discolored” for betting in shades of black & white. The fashion touch in this scenario is added by the accessories. Invest in powerful earrings or shoes with different finishes and colors, for example.

Emmanuelle Alt is an embodiment of this reference. Always mixes pieces that have interesting shapes (blazers and jackets) with basic ones, but in general colored with neutral nuances. Black, white and gray are in practically all of her looks accompanied by striking details. Get inspired with some looks!

Some  personalities reported in interviews what they consider to be the big secret of their charm and style. illustrator and writer, told The Guardian that “ style is about attitude! The  woman basically wears jeans, she doesn’t change much with the seasons, she is the anti ‘it-girl’ ”. Isabel Marant, a renowned fashion designer, commented that “When people ask me what the difference is between American women, it is mainly that  women spend a lot of time pretending not to pay attention, when in fact they are doing just that. . It is more a question of attitude ”.

Inès de la Fressange, author of the book cited, stated that they are “Ten lessons to master the Parisian look. Among them: wear jeans with diamond sandals and not sneakers; a pencil skirt with flats or instead of heels; an evening dress with a wicker bag; a chiffon dress printed with boots; a sequin fabric with men’s pants; a jacket with sneakers. The perfect Parisian never uses soap on her face or pink on her lips or leaves the house without makeup, even on weekends ”.