Among the plots: learn more about the types of knitting

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Knitting is a technique that is part of our DNA and this art of intertwining threads and inspiration results in pieces with a soft and elaborate touch. Special wefts are woven every season. But do you know what knitting is? How and when was it created? What are their types? Well, let’s answer these and other curiosities.

You certainly don’t and remember when you first saw a piece of knitting. Perhaps she has always been in her looks, in the clothes of her friends, mother, sister. It is not known exactly when it was created, but it is estimated that the plots have existed since the period BC, that is, for a long time.

In great works like Odisseia, knitting practically gains the status of character in the plot.

The wives knitted while waiting for their husbands to return from the war.

Knitting was still part of Penelope’s plan to find Ulysses again. Since she started a play and undid it at night, all this to postpone her father’s decision to find another suitor.

The history of knitting has several chapters rich and full of details that make its weaves even more exquisite and interesting. Over time, the techniques for organizing, coloring and knitting have been improved. Let’s add even more vocabulary to your knitting glossary and talk a little more about each type.

Knitting what is

A loom, some ideas and several threads. This was the start for the creation of the jacquard in 1801. The Frenchman Joseph-Marie Jacquard is the inventor of this fabric, which is made from a cala loom that selects thread by thread according to its colors.

The result? A more resistant and complex fabric, which has great durability, since it was created from complex interlacing patterns.khaadi

The mark of the jacquard is its designs and patterns that stand out and add an extra dose of elegance to the looks and even the decoration.

Curiosity : there is no printed jacquard. After all, his design is created by intertwining the threads themselves. So, to check if your jacquard is original, look at the back of the product. You will notice that the pattern will be present there as well.

But speaking of style, the shades and composition of the jacquard clothes are true allies when setting up a production. The combination of sophisticated texture with elaborate nuances gives a touch of style, whether in the work look or in a more relaxed.

Knitting what is

This is another important term for the knitting dictionary. Intarsia is a technique used to make colored fabrics. The work is so accurate that often the precision of the knitting stitch creates a real image, a photo appearance.

Intarsia works with blocks of colors that form different shapes. This perfect symmetry is the highlight of the pieces that are made with this knitting technique. Therefore, a piece in intarsia is the guarantee of adding a cooler dose to the knitted look.

Knitting what is

Knitting also has its bright days when it meets the lurex. The result of this perfect match is vivid weaves and a dose of shine brought by the metallic threads.

There is no certain date for the use of lurex in clothing, but in the 13th century, there was already a strong production of these threads. The plots of the time drew attention for receiving gold and silver baths, which made lurex even more precious and differentiated.

People are to shine, so don’t leave lurex out of your productions. The metallic wires make all the difference in the look and still pass away from the sameness. You can still take the opportunity to bring them to daytime productions, giving that touch of glamor to everyday life. Boredom proof!


Like life, fashion is the art of encounters.

Once again, a match of techniques and threads comes together for a result full of beauty. We are talking about lacy knitting.

Lace is yet another fabric that originated a long time ago, more precisely in the 16th century. It started to be produced in Europe, but soon it crossed the ocean and arrived in Brazil with the arrival of the Portuguese.

The elaborate weaves of knitting join the lace to create delicate clothes to see and feel. This delightful pair forms pieces that are as frock design tasty as a light hug.

The result? Lighter and more refined plots, with female signature and complex level of detail. The ones you don’t see around every day.

Knitting what is

Rib knitting is synonymous with comfort and elegance in the right measure. That’s because its softer, lighter and more flexible touch makes the silhouette stand out and creates a more uniform look.

Because it is a combination of easier going techniques, his pieces go from the most casual to the formal. In addition, they are timeless and can easily go through seasons like wild cards in the closet.

Its main characteristic is the texture with raised nuances and other lower ones. Therefore, it ends up gaining a more sporting approach and, at the same time, adjusted to the silhouette. To enhance the natural design of your body in a modern and comfy way!

Open weave
Knitting what is

Leaks and perforations are not a problem when it comes to knitting with open weaves. The threads of this technique are combined so that the clothes are fresher and with that spring mood that we love so much.

Blouses and cardigans with hollow structures ensure that the looks are well khaadi sale ventilated. The charm of knitting flirts with fresh details and makes everything even cooler.

Rayon is nothing more than a type of fabric that comes from wood pulp and has characteristics similar to cotton.

Despite being a fiber developed in an industrial process, its natural origin ends up bringing extra comfort to the clothes. It is very resistant, soft and draws the silhouette. Do you need anything else?

History class: it appeared in 1885, gaining fame as “artificial silk”, but the name “designer dresses pakistani” was only established in 1924. Elegant that alone, it gives life to some of our most special looks.

As we have already said, knitting is part of our history and we are keen to tell you more about its wealth of details. Now that you know more about the origin of the yarns and their different techniques, it’s time to visit our special knitting collection . Lux combines the elegance and the taste of the threads with a sporty touch.