Colocation: this Is the Answer to your data center challenges

FFXIV Data Center

“This area of ​​infrastructure and ffxiv data centres operations is quite critical and should always be prepared to meet the demands of each business area”. The statement was created by Henrique Cecci, director of research at Gartner. And it was a long time past, in 2014. When it comes to technologies, a couple years make a lot of difference.
One of the first steps indicated by the professional for companies to keep up to date is that they Begin to deploy more effective technologies in processing, memory and energy.” Data centers are complex surroundings, made up of various equipment and components with different life cycles,” explained Cecci.
They’re servers, racks, cages, routers, switches, among others, that need to be in excellent harmony to ensure high availability of the systems. Additionally, the physical area for IT equipment in the data center needs to follow very strict infrastructure and support delivery rules.

FFXIV Data Center

Now let us discuss your company. It can be an business, a retailer, a consultancy or maybe a company in the tech sector. If your core business is not data center infrastructure, the ideal is to have a specialized firm to supply these solutions for you, since the prerequisites to be met by a great ffxiv data center split are so many.
Of course, you can choose to expand your investments in CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) and construct or evolve your own physical area for IT equipment. But it won’t be easy to guarantee all of the security, scalability and accessibility that the market and businesses require.
Therefore, opting for OPEX (Operational Expenditure) using a data center in colocation may be the best choice to fix your issue.
Check out why colocation, among the other kinds of data center, should be your choice.
Colocation: bodily distance for IT gear without complications
From the data center model in colocation, the company will continue with its own equipment, machines and servers. Colocation provides physical space, cooling, energy, physical and internet security. You stay focused on your company, while a business that knows the requirements of a modern ffxiv world status does the rest.
Ah, but you’re moving your business to cloud computing and you already have all the infrastructure in the cloud. Okay, colocation can be an alternative for redundancy. So there is the safety that, if something happens to your own cloud services, you’ve”plan B” in colocation.
If your business has approved a refresh of the tech park with all the IT (Information Technology) area, how about considering changing the present park based to some colocation environment? So your concerns are concentrated on gear, though your provider protects the infrastructure.

Imagine that you can – respecting planning and security standards for moving – take your IT gear to a place specially ready to receive it. And put them into surgery without worrying about connection or electricity. Your organization will put all your IT infrastructure at a physical space ready with the latest and for scalability according to the demand of your business.
You can have a room, cages composed of a network of racks – which act as cabinets – in which the servers have been accommodated. Whatever the size of the rented space, it’ll be fully prepared to connect your gear, responsible for storing and processing your own data to the external internet network. Power and cabling points are ready and well distributed. Only connect.
Physical space for ODATA servers and infrastructure

Once we talk about not worrying about infra, the matter is not just related to the accommodation of the gear. It’s also related to maintaining the functioning of the environment with total safety. So that you also don’t have to worry about:

1. Electricity generation systems. Colocation provides:
Connections to high voltage distribution lines to obtain electricity in quantity.
Power from PCHs (Small Hydroelectric Plants).

Nobreaks, that must be big (UPS).
Diesel power generators.

2. HVAC systems. The temperature in the physical space of IT equipment is extremely significant.
Enormous chillers – water coolers – that keep the perfect temperature constant from the chambers.
Thermo-accumulation tanks to maintain a lung of chilly water to support the chillers.

Safety. Whether for fire prevention or access to spaces, colocation has:

Advanced fire detection methods, with monitoring of air particles.

24 hour surveillance, together with armored bodily spaces and trained security personnel.
Areas tracked and conditioned to access card and identification from digital reader.
All of these are requirements that affirm that having a data center in colocation will ensure that you have the ideal infrastructure.
And if you’re thinking about the cost of the transport process and the colocation, then don’t forget the ROI (Return on Investment). The smallest investment is not necessarily the best, especially in the long term.
To paraphrase the credit card operator, sure things are priceless, like the safety of your data and your performance, in addition to the guarantee of focusing on your company with assistance from qualified suppliers.
We have already shown here to the site 7 reasons to switch to colocation. Now, we want to invite you to stop by a colocation data center. This is the very best way to assess your potential supplier and ensure that he was actually born to offer colocation with focus and quality. Talk to ODATA!