3 ideas for blogging during your quarantine


We live in difficult times in which we have to spend a lot of time at home and what better way than to take advantage of it to do something productive … and that can even generate money tomorrow!

If others and I already live off the internet, why not you?

What will you find here?

1 Ideas to make a blog

1.1 Film blog

1.2 Cooking blog

1.3 Fitness blog

2 Best hosting to make a blog

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4 Tell us your idea

Ideas to make a blog

Well, here I am going to give you 3 ideas that I think are good especially for these times. Of course there will already be many blogs on these topics, but you can also make your own and give it your personal touch.

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Film blog

What better time than to make a film blog , now that everyone is looking for what to watch on Netflix and other similar platforms.

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There are already platforms like Amazon Prime Video that pays you € 3 for each client who signs up with your link  in the free trial period they offer .

You can sign up here to try it and thus be able to recommend it better (and yes, I will also get those € 3).

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And surely, given the increase in competition, many other platforms will begin to create similar referral programs.

So, now is the time to start recommending your favorite movies and series.

How to make a film blog and make money with it

Cooking blog

Now we also have no choice but to cook every day , so it is also a great opportunity to show the world your recipes and tricks in preparing your meals.

A cooking blog has the great advantage that it is relatively easy to retain readers on your articles, once they have been willing to follow your recipe and therefore spend a lot of time on your blog.

This means that with certain ad platforms you can earn more money .

You can also recommend kitchen utensils, ingredients and many other things with which you can earn commissions .

How to make a cooking blog and make money with it

 Fitness blog

With this new situation, it has now also been a boom in the training at home and surely many will continue to do.

A fitness blog can have many variations: for women, for men, home training, crossfit … there are endless possibilities.

You can combine it with a YouTube or Instagram channel or both at the same time.

And yes, you can also make money with a fitness blog and in fact sports nutrition brands are focusing almost all their investment in advertising on  influencers .

To this you can also add the commissions you can earn for recommending sports materials that people can buy through your links .

How to make a fitness blog and make money with it

Best hosting to make a blog

If you decide to make your own blog , the first thing you have to do is hire a good hosting and domain .

I advise you that the one you hire has the following characteristics:

Good customer service in English .

Daily backups (very important if you don’t want to lose all your work overnight, due to any failure or hack ).

That they do not nail you in the second year (many hosting hook you with a very striking offer and then in the small print they make you renew for much higher prices in later years).

Free SSL certificate .

The one that I have been using for years and whose customer service I have to say is 10 , is Webempresa .

To the first 10 who hire the hosting in Webempresa through the following links , I give free advice for 2 months through this forum , in case you get stuck anywhere!