What is a professional email address for?

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If you always give your free e-mail address (such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) in a professional context, it is time for you to create a new one bearing the name of your brand / company.

For businesses, and professionals in general, it is becoming essential to have a professional email address for several reasons.

What is a professional email address for?

# 1. Your emails promote your brand

With each e-mail sent from your professional e-mail box, your domain name is displayed and links directly to your website for those who wish to know more about your company. So you gain new visits to your website and free promotion of your brand.

# 2. A free email address is not credible

Communicating with a free email address can cost you the credibility of your business, as your recipients will doubt your professionalism. A professional invests in the brand image of his company, and this goes through the creation of a professional e-mail box. Simple question: will you trust adkmedia@gmail.com or rather contact@adk-media.com ?

# 3. You create the email address you want

Whatever e-mail address you want to create with your domain name, it is free! On the other hand, with a free email provider, you need to check the availability of the chosen email address, and often you end up with a long address that is difficult to remember.

# 4. You can centralize several e-mail boxes in one

If you have just started your business, you can create an email address per department (commercial @, rh @, accountancy @) and redirect all these boxes to yours, this will serve as a filter. And when you have several collaborators, you will give everyone access to the e-mail box that concerns them. Several can have access to the same address.

# 5. You gain protection against viruses and spam

Most web hosts, including ADK Media , offer an antivirus that blocks dangerous emails before they reach your inbox. In addition, you are protected from senders on blacklists.

Create your pro email address now

If you haven’t already, start by purchasing your domain name and web hosting , and then follow our practical tips to create and manage your work email address , from your cPanel control panel.

Web site creation advice [2/5]: the choice of hosting, domain and SSL

For it to function properly online, each website must have:

Web hosting that adapts appropriately to its system resource needs

A well-chosen domain name that represents your brand / company

An SSL certificate to secure the data passing through it

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VPS Server from hostkoss - fast and reliable virtual vps.

The expertise and professionalism of your web host, supplier of the services mentioned above, determine the quality of your website hosting. So what are the main criteria to consider when choosing your hosting, domain and SSL?

1 # web hosting

There are 3 types of web hosting:

Shared hosting, presented in the form of packs

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Dedicated server

To know the right formula for your website, you must first know the size of the latter, and the amount of system resources necessary for its proper functioning. Your developer, or yourself if you are in the field, can give you details about your website needs in terms of:

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Disk space

Monthly traffic


RAM memory

Disk I / O

Once the needs are defined, you will know if you will need shared hosting , a VPS server or a dedicated server.

Also, be sure to choose your web hosting provider. Read this article which details the main pitfalls to avoid when choosing your web hosting .


ADK Media has created a new web hosting formula, which is placed between shared hosting and the VPS server, for websites with high traffic and consuming system resources. These are Elastic info-managed hosting packages , which meet the needs of e-commerce and press sites in particular.

2 # Domain name

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Domain name registration goes hand in hand with web hosting. Its choice is decisive, because it represents the identity of your company / brand on the web.

If you are a company, your domain name will bear the name of your company, it remains to choose the extension that corresponds to your sector of activity. ADK Media gives you the choice between more than 150 extensions to consult here .

We also recommend that you purchase several extensions of your domain name in order to protect your brand online. If you don’t see the point, read this article .

The domain name web hosting package will allow you to create professional e-mail addresses, for example: hello@nomprenom.com or contact@mybusiness.com. Register your domain name for free with ADK Media with the purchase of a hosting package, click here .


Pay attention to the expiration date of your domain name, you must renew it in time so as not to lose it, or register it for several years (up to 5 years).

Life cycle of a domain name

Discover the different stages in the life of your domain name in this infographic, produced by the ADK Media team:

3 # SSL certificate

It is essential to secure your website, and to provide it with an SSL certificate . The latter is used to encrypt the data sent by the web server in order to protect its confidentiality. It guarantees that the data which passes on the Internet network between the client computer (the visitor of your website) and the web server will not be revealed in the event of interception.

Therefore, it helps to reassure your customers about the security of their personal data and builds a climate of trust on your website.

Having an SSL certificate becomes mandatory

Google started marking websites that do not have an SSL certificate as “unsecure” since last September. You don’t want to see this in red next to your website address, secure your website today, click here !