How to wear a skirtHow to wear a skirt

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When we think of a feminine look, we immediately remember skirts and dresses, and I believe that one of the most feminine skirt cuts is the godê, as it values ​​the feminine silhouette, it is even great to generate the illusion of a narrower waist or a more curvy body, for women with small hips!

Yes, there are a lot of doubts when

it comes to wearing a skirt , a piece that has already become almost basic in women’s wardrobe, many may wonder if it looks good in their biotype, what is the best length and how to match it, which is why we made this post, to end your doubts and of course, for you to rock the look with the godê skirt!

The godê skirt appeared there in the 50s, when Christian Dior created the New Look, the model created by Dior was midi length, very round and voluminous, that’s why it was so feminine, women of the time had to wear the godê skirt with several petticoats underneath to add volume bonanza satrangi

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With so much variety of models in godê skirts these days, she has become very democratic, and all body types can invest, of course it is necessary to know exactly how to coordinate the look to maintain or build a balanced silhouette. Here’s how to use according to each physical type:

Straight Body Type
The godê skirt is perfect for those who have this body, as the waist is not well defined (thin) and the hips are small, the skirt will mark the waist and increase the volume of the hips, making the silhouette more curvy. Prefer the more voluminous and structured models and in short or knee length.
This body is proportional in nature, and the godê skirt should be well managed here, my suggestion is that you choose a model without too much volume or that does not have a pattern (which increases the volume even more).

You can even use a voluminous or printed skirt, but in this case use a blouse with details on the shoulders or lap, so you amplify that region too and keep your balance.bonanza satrangi


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Body Type Triangle or Pear
This body has a wider hip than the shoulders, as the godê skirt increases the hips even more. I suggest skirt models without a lot of volume, and more neutral colors, those of midi length, are perfect, because the largest volume is concentrated in calf region and not the hip.

At the top, combine with a printed blouse, preferably with a colorful or large print to increase the shoulders and balance with the hips!

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Physical Type Inverted Triangle
This is a great body type to use the godê skirt, the more voluminous and round the skirt the better, in fact the godê skirt will give you the right balance, increasing the volume of the hip, which is narrow. The best length for this body are the shortest, as they concentrate more volume .

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Oval Body Type
This body is marked by curved lines, so I usually recommend the use of pieces with a straight fit to generate balance in the look, many people do not even consider the use of the godê skirt for this type of body, but I do not see the reason for not wearing it. My tip is to give preference to the lengths in the knee or midi, to compose the round printed gossip blog via the look evangelist invest in blouses overlaid by blazers, vests or open jackets, the vertical lines created by them will help to balance the silhouette.